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Question 1: What are the advantage of locating industry in UPSIDC industrial area?
Answer: Several, Important Ones are:

 TTitle of land is clear and free from encumbrances;
 Industrial areas are provided with both primary and support infrastructure;
 The land is for industrial purpose thus the loss on getting non-agricultural use conversion is avoided;
 Allotes enjoy cluster benefits related to raw material, market, technology, common services, linkages ect.

Question 2: Are the land price realistic?
Mostly the price or the premium rate based. Thus premium rate is fixed based on the cost of acquisition and cost of development. Considering the type and extent of infrastructure being provided and liberal provision of circulation spaces (Roads), greens parks and buffers between difrent land users, cost of the land is much on the lower side in comparison to prevailing market rates.


Question 3: Whom to approach in UPSIDC for information?
You may approach the following:-

1) Managing Director.
2) Jt. Managing Director.
3) Chief Engineer
4) Incharge of Industrial Area.
5) Regional Managers.

Question 4: Can somebody show the industrial sites/plots available for allotment?
Yes, With prior appointment, the junior engineer of the concerned regional office will show the available sites.



Question 5: What time do I get set up my unit?
Answer : An allotted is given 24 months time from the date of allotmen for completing construction and starting commercial procedure, failing which allotment is liable to be cancelled.


Question 6 : Can I transfer land to others? Can I change constitution of the firm?
Answer : Yes, Transfer of land as well as reconstruction is subject to policies prevailing at the time transfer/reconstruction, Generally, however, these facilities are permissible within the time allowes for setting up industry, In case of utilized plot, there is no time limit Besides, you can also avail of facilities like project change, addition of product and sub-division within above time limits. In case of utilized plot, permission for sub-letting can also be availed for a portion of land or entire lasd.